I’m often asked by my clients, what to write about on their blog. Here are 14 blog post types that can help you get started creating relevant and action driving content. Different types of blog posts attract different segments of your audience. Usually when someone is searching for something online, they are typing specific wants into the search bar.  I’ve listed 14 tips for targeting the types of content that searchers are looking for online.  Make sure you write your blog posts with one of these tips in mind.

  1. How To Posts — step by step instruction or an outline of how to complete something. Be as complete as possible. Don’t tease your reader and make them jump through hoops to get more information.
  2. Video Blog Posts — this can be just about anything…but long. Keep your video short and sweet. Wista’s research shows that viewers watch only about 65% of a 2-3 minute video.
  3. Tips and Tricks — if you have a life or business hack that will wow and inform, use it! Readers love those quick and effective tips to solve a problem.
  4. Interviews — interview work best if on audio or video, however, a recap or synopsis can also be helpful with a link back to the original interview.
  5. Notes — interview recaps, podcast notes, webinar notes.
  6. Reviews or Comparisons — do a deep dive into no more than 5 items — businesses, applications, tools, websites, etc.
  7. Lists — top anything relevant to your market.
  8. Must Read/Do — is there something that you believe will help your market succeed? Do you have one specific action item that you believe will change the course of  your market?
  9. Featured Experts — I admire so many people in the personal development and business space. Who do you admire? Who have you followed? Who has made an impact in your learning or business?
  10. Hot Topics / In The News — people love to hear about trends. Take something current and put your spin on it.
  11. Statistics / Data Supported Posts — if your market is driven by data and statistics, take time to flush out the latest trends relevant to your market.
  12. Promotional — sometimes it is helpful to talk about your business in a blog post.  A great way to do that is to take your FAQ’s and break each of them down into a blog post.
  13. Meet the Team — feature your superstars.  If you have built a team of super hero experts, showcase them and their talents. It will make you look like a rockstar for hiring such stellar talent.
  14. Instructional — if your product or service is highly complicated, take time in your blog space to teach your customers how to use or benefit from your product or service.

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Lisa Goodwin Bollow

Lisa Bollow is a business strategist and marketing expert, instigator of dreams, lover of chocolate, keeper of the key to the wine locker and wife of a Marine. @LisaBollow