We hear about it all of the time…content is king, you have to have content to effectively market in the digital space, without content, your SEO tanks…

True, if you are marketing online at all, you should have a content marketing strategy.  Here are 6 simple tips to help you get the most out of the content you are creating.

1. Determine your content themes. This should be fairly straightforward.  What does your business do? What are the problems your product or services  solve for your customers? What is your brand philosophy? How are you different than your competitors? This is a great topic to discuss with your team and then hone in on the consistent over-arching themes that arise.

2. Determine the content from those themes.  Each theme will have a variety of topics that are relevant to each theme. If your business is skincare then you can talk about each of your key ingredients and what those ingredients do for the skin, you can do product comparisons, before and after studies, etc.

3.  Creative is also important. For each piece of content, you should have creative support as well. What images are you going to use? Will there be a video supporting the claims/text you created? How will you brand those images for use in social media?

4.  Where will you promote the content? Here are the typical environments you should consider — social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn), blog content, email content, website text, etc. Remember that where you share the content determines the length and format of the content. Pinterest and Instagram are image based, blog posts are text and image/video based, etc. You can’t just take one item and share it everywhere, it must be adapted for the platform and audience.

5.  What tools will you use to measure your success? What’s the CTA for this content? Are you trying to build your list? Drive traffic to your website? Sell something? Determine what the goal of the content is and then what expectations you have for that content.

6.  How can you repurpose the content? A 3000 word blog post with 3-6 images can be turned into a video blog, a podcast, individual tweets and posts on social media, a webinar, an ebook, free pdf…well written content can become a staple in your marketing engine.

The challenge:

Most people half-ass their content. They rush through the important parts hoping that anything is better than nothing and that’s just not true.  I’ve said this a million times in my workshops — STOP TRYING TO BUILD THE AIRPLANE WHILE IN FLIGHT.  Step back and plan for content as you would plan for your core product or service. Well written content, repurposed, will create better results in all parts of your marketing campaign. And that’s what you want, isn’t it? Results?