Okay, so we all know that online engagement is mandatory for businesses that want to connect with their customers and potential customers, but what exactly do you need for that engagement strategy?

Step 1.  Understand your Market

So many businesses today start their marketing strategy with a shotgun blast, not a laser focused, intentional approach.  Back in the beginning of the business, more than likely someone in your firm analyzed the competition and came up with the vertical markets, ideal customers and characteristics of those customers.  BUT…that was then…this is NOW.

A competitive market analysis should be performed every time there is a shift in the market place.  A shift is defined as a new technology that impacts your ability to do business, the development of a new product, the rise of a new fierce competitor or when you begin using a new tactic to reach your intended market.

Your market needs and characteristics are always evolving and changing because they are adapting to the same nuances your business is adapting to.  The first question we ask is “Who are we serving?” — what are our vertical markets?

Vertical markets, while unique, still have a vast array of potential avenues to explore.  The second question to ask is “Who’s our IDEAL customer in this vertical?” — who do we absolutely want to spend time marketing to and who do we want to avoid wasting time on?

And finally, what are the characteristics of that ideal customer?  What makes them tick? What do they respond to? Where do they spend their time online? Who do they follow?  These questions and many more should be asked  AND answered in order to clearly define who it is you are reaching and what you need to say to them in order for them to stay engaged with your brand, business, product or service.


At Accelerated, we help your business get raving fans and loyal customersthrough social media, branding, customer engagement and marketing solutions.  Our goal is to work with businesses to create brand equity that connects, engages and converts.

We aren’t a traditional marketing agency gone social. Rather, we started with a fresh approach, new ideas and a never ending quest for social tools; all designed to help YOUR business succeed.  We don’t need to throw out any sacred cows or re-engineer our process, because every day we approach our work with fresh insight and an ongoing mastery of the media of the future.  Call us to schedule a 30 minute complimentary brand audit 949-922-3289.