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13 Tips on How to Write a Bio for your About Page

Writing content for your website can be difficult. What do you need to say? What does Google read? What helps with your SEO? What will your audience want to read? Writing a great bio is about helping your reader KLT — Know, Like, and Trust you. Today’s article is about how to write a bio […]

3 Sales Strategies to Increase Your Income

In the last 20 years I have worked with thousands of business owners at varying levels of business. All of them want to grow (become more profitable) and become more efficient.  Regardless of business size, years in business, systems and struggles, selling is always a critical area that can be improved upon. Here are 3 tips […]

11 Tips for Designing Your Website Home Page

Learn how to make your home page engaging for the user.
We have reviewed thousands of websites to come up with our list of what makes a GREAT website. Sure, there are some really cool features on websites today, but when you take away the flashy graphics, pop ups and video; what makes a website function […]

Why You Should Care About Creating More Content

Content Marketing Will Accelerate Your Brand Quicker Than Social Media Alone.
Every day I talk with clients about the need for more and better content. I probably sound like a record on repeat but, I keep saying it because it is so important!

You can’t count on Facebook alone in 2015.  If you haven’t heard, Facebook is changing […]

4 Tips For Creating A Blog Post

Content is really a simplistic way of looking at how your business is engaging in conversations with prospects and customers.  The content of those conversations takes a variety of forms and that is one way we review our content before we publish it.  Here’s the outline we created that provides 4 key areas that need […]

How To Format Your Images For Facebook Ads

With just a little effort, you can ensure your ads and posts on Facebook look their very best.  Why risk your images showing up distorted or misaligned when you submit a post or ad. Here’s all the info you need in one place to make the best impact.
How do I know if my graphic has […]

Everything You Need To Know About Planning For A New Website

Everyday our team fields calls about designing websites for individuals and companies. The first question we get is ‘how much will it cost?’. That question is a bit like saying you want to build a house, how much will it cost? There are a million different factors that go into account when considering a website […]

6 Steps To A Successful Content Marketing Cycle

We hear about it all of the time…content is king, you have to have content to effectively market in the digital space, without content, your SEO tanks…

True, if you are marketing online at all, you should have a content marketing strategy.  Here are 6 simple tips to help you get the most out of the […]

Content Marketing Using LinkedIn

A little known addition to LinkedIn could turn your content marketing on it’s ear.  LinkedIn has added a blog feature for all users that will now allow you to share your relevant content with your network.  It works just like most WYSIWYG editors, fully functional with adding hyperlinks, images and robust text.

When you are logged […]

Top Content Creation Tips From Around The Web

We love curating tips from other marketing minds.  Here are a few excellent websites/experts/tips from around the web.

Contently — Contently helps brands create great stories, engage audiences, and deliver business results — at scale. We do that with powerful software, world-class creative talent, and patent-pending technology that ties content performance to business goals. What I love […]