This past week I spent time with a thousand women entrepreneurs at a business conference and repeatedly I heard people say things like “I’m unique” or “I’m going to be ‘me’ and that will be my unique selling proposition”.  The problem was that it was those exact same people who were struggling in their business because they lack a ‘real’ product of valuable service.  I’m not trying to be mean, but you cannot build a business on passion and uniqueness. You have to have a product or service that is monitizable and exceptional.

If you are still playing the unique card, then it is time to stop and define your business model on something you can actually sell. Business is a transaction and that transaction should include cash…not just likes or followers. It is time to ask yourself exactly what do you do and how do you make money doing it and finally, could you sell your business if you wanted to.

Don’t be so unique that all you do is get attention and not customers. In the big leagues, what differentiates a quality product or service is whether or not the product or service meets the needs of the customer. It is excellence you should strive for, not uniqueness.


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Lisa Goodwin Business SpeakerLisa Goodwin has helped businesses all over the U.S. build lasting brands by creating revenue focused marketing strategies, dynamic online environments and cohesive marketing plans.She is currently the CEO of Accelerated Marketing Services, a full service marketing firm based in San Diego, California.