Last Minute Marketing Tip: Did the holidays sneak up on you? Forget to send a greeting card? Here’s a quick fix!

Here’s a simple and free way to send really cool greeting cards in just a few quick clicks!
The end of the year is a notorious time stealer!  If you are like many of my clients, you may have fallen behind on your holiday greetings.
This site is super easy to navigate and has beautiful digital cards. […]

If You Liked It You Should Have Put a Ring On It: 4 Reasons Why You NEED a Customer Engagement Program

Customer engagement is a term that is generating buzz in marketing, public relations and social media circles.  A simple definition is that CE is the total of all interactions with a potential customer or existing customer and the subsequent interactions, relationship building and measurements of those interactions.  Wikipedia defines Online CE as:

Online customer engagement refers […]

Stop Being Lazy: 3 Ways to Rev Up Your Content

I confess. I am guilty. I have been a lazy blogger. I have been lax. I have highlighted a subject and not given it a deep dive in to meaningful content. I have written for my pleasure, not always for the benefit of my audience. How about you? Have you fallen prey to the lazy […]

Making Use of Twitter’s Hashtag ‘ # ‘

Hashtag…sounds like something out of the 60’s that a certain group of people may have been overly familiar with.  Today, however, the # — hashtag is a very important Twitter trending tool.  When you tweet about something important to your business, using a hashtag in that tweet will take you beyond your followers to the […]

Motivation Moment

What Your Brand Can Learn From Coke’s White Can Fiasco

When Coca Cola and the World Wild Life Fund announced in October that they were joining forces and that Coca Cola was turning the classic red can an arctic white to bring awareness to saving the polar bears, no one could even fathom the backlash yet to come from consumers.  Who knew such a simple […]

Can Twitter Replace Your Email Address? 3 Pros and Cons

I’ve noticed several big brand websites and prominent figures using Twitter as their preferred point of contact for prospects and customers which leads me to ask “Will Twitter replace email addresses in the future?”

Here are some pros and cons of Twitter only contact:


If you are a public figure, speaker, author or internet marketer; it forces […]