I hate being sold…really, I hate the pitch, the script, the manipulation. I’m a savvy shopper and I know when I want to buy something and when I just want to learn more about a product or service. Because of my socioeconomic status, I am, for many, the ideal client or customer. Why then, do so many businesses and service providers ignore my pleas for authentic contact, useful information about their product or service and access to learn more WITHOUT BEING FREAKIN’ PITCHED????

Ok, off my soap box.  I’m not unique. I am part of YOUR audience. So for me and all my millions of fellow Gen-X/Boomer tribe, here are 3 tips to attract us in a meaningful way.

  1. Stop the up-sale on the first date.  It’s kind of like going in for a peck on the cheek on your first date and getting, well, NOT A PECK on the cheek.  Look, we know you have more to offer. Consumers are not stupid. We know you have more bells and whistles in your bucket and we might be willing to invest more after we do our research and determine all the factors at hand.  Help us learn why we would benefit from adding said widgets to our purchase, don’t just shove them at us.  Make it easy for the customer to add-on or switch mid stream if they decide they want more … or less. It goes both ways.
  2. Establish trust before you try to sell.   Yes, some people are impulse shoppers, but in a social environment, we are usually just looking and we are looking because we want to investigate what you have to offer. Help the customer establish trust by giving more content, more depth and more why behind the product. Share stories about the problems your product or service solve or the itch your product scratches. Help us see ourselves as your customer through storytelling, meaningful messaging and real life stories.
  3. Be visual. We think in images. Learn how to show what you have, not just tell. Think of it like show and sell. Invest in good product images, supportive editorial content and simple text. Videos rule. Consumers love to access all aspects of media to make buying decisions. Learn how to incorporate as many visual media possible.

Simple, yes. In social environments it is about attracting a customer, yet so many businesses are pushing them away.  Learn how to give information without selling. Break your product or service down into simple bite sized bits so the prospects can discover why they need you.  Give them the benefit of the doubt that they can determine if they are interested before you try to up-sell.  Give your prospects a reason to come back to you.