I’ve noticed several big brand websites and prominent figures using Twitter as their preferred point of contact for prospects and customers which leads me to ask “Will Twitter replace email addresses in the future?”

Here are some pros and cons of Twitter only contact:


If you are a public figure, speaker, author or internet marketer; it forces your audience to connect with you on Twitter, which further promotes your brand.


You may lose opportunities to connect with those who haven’t made the deep dive into technology and the social media world.  Hard to believe, but there are still people who use their computers for word processing and excel spreadsheets and haven’t ventured into social.  Granted, they may not be your ideal customer, but having a Twitter only contact could be a cog in the wheel of communication.


It certainly keeps your interchanges BRIEF at 140 characters.


Sometimes you need more space to share your message which means you will have to spend time directing people to your blog, Google+ or Facebook page.  If you are focusing on brevity, asking them to go elsewhere for more information could be off putting.


It gives the appearance of openness and willingness to connect.  In the beginning with social media we wanted to be anonymous now we say we want to be transparent.  Giving someone your Twitter handle makes the follower feel like they have a direct connection with you.


If someone feels connected to you because of this direct line of communication, you better not blow them off.  There’s an implied ‘must respond’ in this space and that can hard to manage as your following grows.

For me, I like the privacy and personalization of email and I don’t see it going away any time soon.  On the flip side, there is definitely a trend toward using Twitter for more than tweeting.

What are your thoughts?  Do you use Twitter or email more for communicating with your audience?  Please comment or better yet please TWEET this!

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