There will ALWAYS be a big debate on how often you should post to social channels. In this brief outline, we are highlighting one of our client’s Facebook content campaigns for one month.

Prior to campaign:

  • Post Frequency: 2-3 x per day
  • Post Content: mostly images, no text and no link back to brand
  • Page Likes: 50,971

One Month Milestone:

  • Post Frequency: 4-6 x per day
  • Post Content: images with branding and links back to business URL, text relative to images, specific post types — text, images, video, shared content
  • Page Likes: 53,164 (gain of 2193 likes)

What we see:

  • Consistent increase in page likes — first week 77%  and fourth week 182%
  • Net page likes with slight increase
  • Weekly reach has tripled from week one to week four
  • Engagement has remained steady with a consistent level of increase week over week (when evaluated at current numbers)

What’s Next:

  • Refine post content and CTA’s for higher engagement overall
  • Nurture existing likes
  • Create free offers to drive more engagement

The key is to increase engagement once you build your base. Clearly this client has a tremendous base, now we have to nurture and grow from here.

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Lisa Goodwin Bollow

CEO, Accelerated Marketing Services