Can Your Content Connect? Three Tips To Attract Customers on Social Media

I hate being sold…really, I hate the pitch, the script, the manipulation. I’m a savvy shopper and I know when I want to buy something and when I just want to learn more about a product or service. Because of my socioeconomic status, I am, for many, the ideal client or customer. Why then, do so […]

How To Format Your eBook for Digital Reading

eBooks are all the rage and can be a GREAT tool for list building, connecting with your audience and sharing relevant content. Make sure you have the right format.
Most ebooks are never printed so designing your ebook for digital reading is key. Here are a few tips to guarantee a great reader experience.
1.  Deep Margins […]

Should You Write A Book? 3 Reasons You Might Want to Get Your Hemingway On

Almost all businesses offer a unique perspective in their respective fields of service. That unique perspective may just be the key to building your sales funnel and increasing leads.

Today, consumers are looking for more ways to interact with their product and service providers and often seek out content as a form of validation before engaging […]

13 Ways To Organize A Killer Blog Post or Article

Here’s my guaranteed formula for writing a blog post or article that will keep you in the top of the search results.

Killer Blog Posts and Articles have a word total 1500-3000 words and utilize images, video and back links to grab the search engine attention.

I have created this grid to organize the details of writing an […]

SEO Tips From Experts

Each week we curate a lists of posts that we loved about various marketing topics. This week we are sharing content about SEO.
Small business owners listen up — SEO is not the only marketing play in the online marketing arena, but it IS critical to search and online ranking. Here are a few tips we […]

Marketing Strategies: 3 Keys To Understanding Your Audience

It’s Not What or Who You Know, It’s How Well You Know Them…
Marketing. All businesses need to do it. Few businesses do it well. The whole notion that you can pull together flashy websites, brochures and logos and you are set is a fantasy that is long gone.  The key to effectively marketing to your […]

Does Google Read PDF Files? Yes, but…. 4 Tips on Maximizing Website Content for SEO

Google’s search algorithm is rather mysterious.  How it actually crawls the bazillion bits of data on the internet really is mind-boggling.  Within those bazillion bits of data on the web are numerous PDF files, images, videos and the like. Because these types of files are structured differently than plain text and may not have the […]

Facebook Image Cheat Sheet

If you promote your business on Facebook, then you should consider the dimensions of the images that Facebook uses to ensure you have the best images possible.  When images are not sized to the dimensions Facebook uses they are compressed and often distorted which could cut off important information you may have provided in your […]

Being Unique Is Not Why People Do Business With You

This past week I spent time with a thousand women entrepreneurs at a business conference and repeatedly I heard people say things like “I’m unique” or “I’m going to be ‘me’ and that will be my unique selling proposition”.  The problem was that it was those exact same people who were struggling in their business […]

Is Your Website Doing What You Want It To Do? 5 Tips For Maximizing Web Effectiveness

The first question we ask when working with a new client is “what do you want your website to do?”

Simple enough…not really.  Most business owners respond by saying the same thing — “I want my website to make my business more money.”  Simple truth for many businesses is that your website won’t make you money […]