3 Marketing Activities To Generate More Leads For Small Business Owners

Today, the marketing landscape is filled with strategies and tactics that, if all were employed, would cause most businesses to spontaneously combust. There are so many different activities related to marketing a business today that small business owners must choose wisely how they are going to spend their time and money. Certainly there are some […]

Networking is Marketing — 3 Tips for maximizing your connections

Marketing is the combined activities that encompass multiple tactics and strategies to give exposure to your brand, business, products and services.  Networking, attending events and getting yourself out there is a very powerful way to get exposure for your brand.  Here are 3 tips for maximizing your connections the next time you go out and press […]

Killer Podcast or Radio Show Template

Have you ever wondered how to organize your ideas for a podcast or Internet radio show?
Here’s a simple outline that will help you organize your content AND create interest in your products or services.
For your copy of the podcast and radio show template, email me at Lisa@AcceleratedMarketingServices.com
Podcasts and Internet radio shows can be a very […]

Social Credibility: Do You Have It?

Social credibility. Not all businesses have it.

For many small business owners, marketing has become such a challenge with all the media approaches designed to reach customers that many businesses can fall short in some key areas that affect social credibility. Just because you have a Twitter account, a Facebook page and a website doesn’t mean you […]

7 Steps to a Customer Engagement Content Strategy — Step #1

Okay, so we all know that online engagement is mandatory for businesses that want to connect with their customers and potential customers, but what exactly do you need for that engagement strategy?

Step 1.  Understand your Market

So many businesses today start their marketing strategy with a shotgun blast, not a laser focused, intentional approach.  Back in […]

5 Habits Of Social Media Marketers

Social Media gurus and marketing mavens alike, all have certain habits that help them reach their audience in the social space.  What are those habits and how can you begin to adopt them to succeed?
Habit 1: Time is not wasted
Successful Social Media types don’t waste time online.  You wont’ find the pros scrolling through mountains of […]

Improve Search Engine Rankings With Proper Keyword Research

Guest Post
By Michael Fleischner
The best way to achieve search engine dominance is by focusing on keyword research. As a search engine optimization consultant, I’ve worked with hundreds of companies that miss this very important step. Achieving top search engine rankings is largely based on the competitiveness of the keyword phrase you are trying to optimize […]

Last Minute Marketing Tip: Did the holidays sneak up on you? Forget to send a greeting card? Here’s a quick fix!

Here’s a simple and free way to send really cool greeting cards in just a few quick clicks!
The end of the year is a notorious time stealer!  If you are like many of my clients, you may have fallen behind on your holiday greetings.
This site is super easy to navigate and has beautiful digital cards. […]

If You Liked It You Should Have Put a Ring On It: 4 Reasons Why You NEED a Customer Engagement Program

Customer engagement is a term that is generating buzz in marketing, public relations and social media circles.  A simple definition is that CE is the total of all interactions with a potential customer or existing customer and the subsequent interactions, relationship building and measurements of those interactions.  Wikipedia defines Online CE as:

Online customer engagement refers […]

Stop Being Lazy: 3 Ways to Rev Up Your Content

I confess. I am guilty. I have been a lazy blogger. I have been lax. I have highlighted a subject and not given it a deep dive in to meaningful content. I have written for my pleasure, not always for the benefit of my audience. How about you? Have you fallen prey to the lazy […]