How to Create a Successful Lead Magnet to Grow Your Email List

What is a Lead Magnet?
If you plan on doing any kind of marketing online, you need to know what a lead magnet is and how to employ it to help your business fill the lead funnel.  There are so many nuances in online marketing that it can be overwhelming for some (that’s why you hire […]

Why You Should Care About Creating More Content

Content Marketing Will Accelerate Your Brand Quicker Than Social Media Alone.
Every day I talk with clients about the need for more and better content. I probably sound like a record on repeat but, I keep saying it because it is so important!

You can’t count on Facebook alone in 2015.  If you haven’t heard, Facebook is changing […]

6 Steps To A Successful Content Marketing Cycle

We hear about it all of the time…content is king, you have to have content to effectively market in the digital space, without content, your SEO tanks…

True, if you are marketing online at all, you should have a content marketing strategy.  Here are 6 simple tips to help you get the most out of the […]

Top Content Creation Tips From Around The Web

We love curating tips from other marketing minds.  Here are a few excellent websites/experts/tips from around the web.

Contently — Contently helps brands create great stories, engage audiences, and deliver business results — at scale. We do that with powerful software, world-class creative talent, and patent-pending technology that ties content performance to business goals. What I love […]

Social Media Campaign Shows 182% Increase In Facebook Page Likes

There will ALWAYS be a big debate on how often you should post to social channels. In this brief outline, we are highlighting one of our client’s Facebook content campaigns for one month.
Prior to campaign:

Post Frequency: 2-3 x per day
Post Content: mostly images, no text and no link back to brand
Page Likes: 50,971

One Month Milestone:

Post Frequency: […]

Should You Write A Book? 3 Reasons You Might Want to Get Your Hemingway On

Almost all businesses offer a unique perspective in their respective fields of service. That unique perspective may just be the key to building your sales funnel and increasing leads.

Today, consumers are looking for more ways to interact with their product and service providers and often seek out content as a form of validation before engaging […]

SEO Tips From Experts

Each week we curate a lists of posts that we loved about various marketing topics. This week we are sharing content about SEO.
Small business owners listen up — SEO is not the only marketing play in the online marketing arena, but it IS critical to search and online ranking. Here are a few tips we […]

3 Marketing Activities To Generate More Leads For Small Business Owners

Today, the marketing landscape is filled with strategies and tactics that, if all were employed, would cause most businesses to spontaneously combust. There are so many different activities related to marketing a business today that small business owners must choose wisely how they are going to spend their time and money. Certainly there are some […]

Networking is Marketing — 3 Tips for maximizing your connections

Marketing is the combined activities that encompass multiple tactics and strategies to give exposure to your brand, business, products and services.  Networking, attending events and getting yourself out there is a very powerful way to get exposure for your brand.  Here are 3 tips for maximizing your connections the next time you go out and press […]

If You Liked It You Should Have Put a Ring On It: 4 Reasons Why You NEED a Customer Engagement Program

Customer engagement is a term that is generating buzz in marketing, public relations and social media circles.  A simple definition is that CE is the total of all interactions with a potential customer or existing customer and the subsequent interactions, relationship building and measurements of those interactions.  Wikipedia defines Online CE as:

Online customer engagement refers […]