Lead Generation for Small Businesses

Generating qualified leads is a priority for any business.  For small business owners it can be the difference between thriving and just barely surviving.  If you are looking for more leads, this blog post will help you cultivate the right funnels for success.

Lead generation takes daily focus.  If you are trying to be all things […]

4 Step Formula to Convert Leads to Customers

Every business owner knows how important it is to attract leads into their funnel. Without a steady flow of new leads, businesses struggle and without a plan to convert those leads to customers businesses die.

Here is a simple, 4 step formula to convert leads to customers.

1.  Connect […]

Finding Inspiration to Write Blog Posts: 6 Tips

I have nothing to write. I don’t know what to say. Where do I find inspiration to write for my blog?
Have you ever uttered those words? Do you ever get stuck when setting out to create content? Here are a few tips to get you started:

1.  Review the questions your clients frequently ask you. One […]

Did You Know? You are Really in the Content Marketing Business

The truth is, it doesn’t matter what your product or service is.  If you rely on online marketing to get the word out, build your list, engage with your prospects and customers then you, my friend, are in the CONTENT MARKETING business.
Facebook, blogging, email marketing, tweets, pins, shares and the like, are DAILY business building […]

6 Great Podcasts for Business Owners

Most of the business owners we work with are over scheduled and have very little ‘free’ time so at first blush, you might be thinking that you don’t have time to listen to podcasts.  Your busy schedule not withstanding, I propose that you can find time to listen to some of the best content for […]

6 Steps To A Successful Content Marketing Cycle

We hear about it all of the time…content is king, you have to have content to effectively market in the digital space, without content, your SEO tanks…

True, if you are marketing online at all, you should have a content marketing strategy.  Here are 6 simple tips to help you get the most out of the […]

Content Marketing Using LinkedIn

A little known addition to LinkedIn could turn your content marketing on it’s ear.  LinkedIn has added a blog feature for all users that will now allow you to share your relevant content with your network.  It works just like most WYSIWYG editors, fully functional with adding hyperlinks, images and robust text.

When you are logged […]

Top Content Creation Tips From Around The Web

We love curating tips from other marketing minds.  Here are a few excellent websites/experts/tips from around the web.

Contently — Contently helps brands create great stories, engage audiences, and deliver business results — at scale. We do that with powerful software, world-class creative talent, and patent-pending technology that ties content performance to business goals. What I love […]

Social Media Campaign Shows 182% Increase In Facebook Page Likes

There will ALWAYS be a big debate on how often you should post to social channels. In this brief outline, we are highlighting one of our client’s Facebook content campaigns for one month.
Prior to campaign:

Post Frequency: 2-3 x per day
Post Content: mostly images, no text and no link back to brand
Page Likes: 50,971

One Month Milestone:

Post Frequency: […]

3 Tips To Improve Your Content Marketing Strategy

Content marketing is simply the creation and distribution of valuable, usable content that helps your audience connect with your business in such a way that it converts them to revenue generating customers.
The most important aspects to content marketing are:

Is the content relevant?  Writing for writing sake is not going to drive eyeballs to your site […]