Facebook Lead Ads: Will They Work?

Facebook. We love it and we hate it. As we adapt to the never-ending changes within the platform, our opinion about it for business marketing changes. Some days good, some days, well…

As marketers, we use Facebook for a variety of needs. One important way that businesses are using Facebook is to generate leads, but the process […]

Did You Know? You are Really in the Content Marketing Business

The truth is, it doesn’t matter what your product or service is.  If you rely on online marketing to get the word out, build your list, engage with your prospects and customers then you, my friend, are in the CONTENT MARKETING business.
Facebook, blogging, email marketing, tweets, pins, shares and the like, are DAILY business building […]

Why You Should Care About Creating More Content

Content Marketing Will Accelerate Your Brand Quicker Than Social Media Alone.
Every day I talk with clients about the need for more and better content. I probably sound like a record on repeat but, I keep saying it because it is so important!

You can’t count on Facebook alone in 2015.  If you haven’t heard, Facebook is changing […]

Content Marketing Using LinkedIn

A little known addition to LinkedIn could turn your content marketing on it’s ear.  LinkedIn has added a blog feature for all users that will now allow you to share your relevant content with your network.  It works just like most WYSIWYG editors, fully functional with adding hyperlinks, images and robust text.

When you are logged […]

Social Media Campaign Shows 182% Increase In Facebook Page Likes

There will ALWAYS be a big debate on how often you should post to social channels. In this brief outline, we are highlighting one of our client’s Facebook content campaigns for one month.
Prior to campaign:

Post Frequency: 2-3 x per day
Post Content: mostly images, no text and no link back to brand
Page Likes: 50,971

One Month Milestone:

Post Frequency: […]

Can Your Content Connect? Three Tips To Attract Customers on Social Media

I hate being sold…really, I hate the pitch, the script, the manipulation. I’m a savvy shopper and I know when I want to buy something and when I just want to learn more about a product or service. Because of my socioeconomic status, I am, for many, the ideal client or customer. Why then, do so […]

Facebook Image Cheat Sheet

If you promote your business on Facebook, then you should consider the dimensions of the images that Facebook uses to ensure you have the best images possible.  When images are not sized to the dimensions Facebook uses they are compressed and often distorted which could cut off important information you may have provided in your […]

Being Unique Is Not Why People Do Business With You

This past week I spent time with a thousand women entrepreneurs at a business conference and repeatedly I heard people say things like “I’m unique” or “I’m going to be ‘me’ and that will be my unique selling proposition”.  The problem was that it was those exact same people who were struggling in their business […]

Networking is Marketing — 3 Tips for maximizing your connections

Marketing is the combined activities that encompass multiple tactics and strategies to give exposure to your brand, business, products and services.  Networking, attending events and getting yourself out there is a very powerful way to get exposure for your brand.  Here are 3 tips for maximizing your connections the next time you go out and press […]

Social Credibility: Do You Have It?

Social credibility. Not all businesses have it.

For many small business owners, marketing has become such a challenge with all the media approaches designed to reach customers that many businesses can fall short in some key areas that affect social credibility. Just because you have a Twitter account, a Facebook page and a website doesn’t mean you […]