Facebook Lead Ads: Will They Work?

Facebook. We love it and we hate it. As we adapt to the never-ending changes within the platform, our opinion about it for business marketing changes. Some days good, some days, well…

As marketers, we use Facebook for a variety of needs. One important way that businesses are using Facebook is to generate leads, but the process […]

Why You Should Care About Creating More Content

Content Marketing Will Accelerate Your Brand Quicker Than Social Media Alone.
Every day I talk with clients about the need for more and better content. I probably sound like a record on repeat but, I keep saying it because it is so important!

You can’t count on Facebook alone in 2015.  If you haven’t heard, Facebook is changing […]

Social Media Campaign Shows 182% Increase In Facebook Page Likes

There will ALWAYS be a big debate on how often you should post to social channels. In this brief outline, we are highlighting one of our client’s Facebook content campaigns for one month.
Prior to campaign:

Post Frequency: 2-3 x per day
Post Content: mostly images, no text and no link back to brand
Page Likes: 50,971

One Month Milestone:

Post Frequency: […]

Facebook Image Cheat Sheet

If you promote your business on Facebook, then you should consider the dimensions of the images that Facebook uses to ensure you have the best images possible.  When images are not sized to the dimensions Facebook uses they are compressed and often distorted which could cut off important information you may have provided in your […]