4 Step Formula to Convert Leads to Customers

Every business owner knows how important it is to attract leads into their funnel. Without a steady flow of new leads, businesses struggle and without a plan to convert those leads to customers businesses die.

Here is a simple, 4 step formula to convert leads to customers.

1.  Connect […]

6 Great Podcasts for Business Owners

Most of the business owners we work with are over scheduled and have very little ‘free’ time so at first blush, you might be thinking that you don’t have time to listen to podcasts.  Your busy schedule not withstanding, I propose that you can find time to listen to some of the best content for […]

Should You Write A Book? 3 Reasons You Might Want to Get Your Hemingway On

Almost all businesses offer a unique perspective in their respective fields of service. That unique perspective may just be the key to building your sales funnel and increasing leads.

Today, consumers are looking for more ways to interact with their product and service providers and often seek out content as a form of validation before engaging […]

Being Unique Is Not Why People Do Business With You

This past week I spent time with a thousand women entrepreneurs at a business conference and repeatedly I heard people say things like “I’m unique” or “I’m going to be ‘me’ and that will be my unique selling proposition”.  The problem was that it was those exact same people who were struggling in their business […]

5 Habits Of Social Media Marketers

Social Media gurus and marketing mavens alike, all have certain habits that help them reach their audience in the social space.  What are those habits and how can you begin to adopt them to succeed?
Habit 1: Time is not wasted
Successful Social Media types don’t waste time online.  You wont’ find the pros scrolling through mountains of […]

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