Is your e-commerce site prepared for the inevitable cyber attack?

Cyber attacks are a dime a dozen lately. If you have an e-commerce website, then you need to be aware of some of the basic security needs for your website.  Here’s a simple info graphic from Top Net SEO to review.

Everything You Need To Know About Planning For A New Website

Everyday our team fields calls about designing websites for individuals and companies. The first question we get is ‘how much will it cost?’. That question is a bit like saying you want to build a house, how much will it cost? There are a million different factors that go into account when considering a website […]

Does Google Read PDF Files? Yes, but…. 4 Tips on Maximizing Website Content for SEO

Google’s search algorithm is rather mysterious.  How it actually crawls the bazillion bits of data on the internet really is mind-boggling.  Within those bazillion bits of data on the web are numerous PDF files, images, videos and the like. Because these types of files are structured differently than plain text and may not have the […]

Is Your Website Doing What You Want It To Do? 5 Tips For Maximizing Web Effectiveness

The first question we ask when working with a new client is “what do you want your website to do?”

Simple enough…not really.  Most business owners respond by saying the same thing — “I want my website to make my business more money.”  Simple truth for many businesses is that your website won’t make you money […]