Not all business owners are writers.

Online marketing requires an influx of new content in the form of updated web copy, blog posts, relevant training materials and downloads. If you don’t fancy yourself to be Hemingway, then call us. Our team will help you come up with a content creation plan and execution strategy so that your online marketing efforts are maximized.

If you use any online tactics like SEO, blogging, back links, social media and newsletter campaigns, then you MUST have a content creation strategy and plan. We help business owners in the following ways:

  • Write and edit website copy so that iwritinglaptopchildt is appropriately structured for search engine optimization.  We don’t manufacture content just for SEO purposes (that doesn’t work by the way) but we do focus on authentic language that best addresses the issues at hand.
  • We help you come up with blog topics that will drive interest in your business.  Today, if you rely on any amount of search to bring prospects to your website, blogging is key. How does your business become the trusted resource in your industry? Good content.
  • Team bios help your prospects connect. We believe you must be a person before you can be a business and we help you balance your brand with your personal experiences.
  • Sales copy, special offers and promotional campaigns. Now you’re talking! We all have something to sell. Problem is, sometimes we can’t figure out the best way to say what we need to say to sell what we need to sell.  We take your sales initiatives and make it stick so your prospects convert. It’s all about conversion, isn’t it?
  • Information products, resources, free giveaways, promotional items. We help you create the irresistible offers, free downloads, informational products that generate passive revenue and keep those leads coming.