Facebook. We love it and we hate it. As we adapt to the never-ending changes within the platform, our opinion about it for business marketing changes. Some days good, some days, well…

As marketers, we use Facebook for a variety of needs. One important way that businesses are using Facebook is to generate leads, but the process can be cumbersome if you are on a mobile device.  For those on mobile devices, 47 million Facebook users per month on iOS devices alone, who whats to fill out forms on that tiny keyboard?

Facebook is attempting to make the mobile sign up process easier with their new Facebook Lead Ads format.

It hasn’t fully rolled out, but in a nutshell, when you create an ad on Facebook, you will be able to chose this form of ad just like you would a like ad or website clicks. What will happen when the ad is published, the viewer will just click one button and Facebook will forward you all of that contact’s information as it is listed in their profile on Facebook.

This idea is brilliant, but with brilliance comes a potentially higher cost.  Consider all of the people who are currently building their list with Facebook Ads. My gut tells me that this type of ad will have a higher PPC.

The jury is out on how it will really work. Facebook Lead Ads, what do you think? I’d love your comments.