Project Description

The Situation

Laura Robinson Oatman, a leading expert in plant-based diets and the vegan lifestyle, contracted with AMS to help her refresh her brand. Phase one included a complete rebrand with new logo and brand colors. Laura did not want to start from scratch, rather, she wanted to take her existing logo and adapt it to include a new logo element and more relevant colors.

The original logo was a clean, simple approach which had some elements that Laura wanted to keep. The first need was to determine the right colors that would be more congruent with her new focus. With the launch of her new book and focus, the Whole Earth Diet, it was important to bring into the logo a brand element that encompassed the earth element.

The combination of the earth element and her new brand colors would be our new focus.

Original Logo

Original Brand Colors

The Website

The Whole Earth Wellness website was build around a blog as the main focus. The challenge is that WEW is more than online content, much more.  In order to create the brand identity of WEW as a resource for anyone looking to become a vegan or for those who are already vegan, we needed to shift the home page from blog content to a brand hub.

Original Website

The Update

We spent a great deal of time looking at various elements that would encompass the need for an earth element. We explored everything from vector drawings of the earth to abstract circles and landed on the simple, hand drawn open circle to represent the globe.

For the new focus, it was clear we would be using a palate more congruent with the earth and sky.  Since Laura is an integral part of her brand, we enlisted personal brand and image expert, JuliAnn Stitick to help us get the specific palate dialed in.  The combination of Laura’s natural eye for design (she is a trained architect) and JuliAnn’s personal brand and image work helped us land on a palate of beautiful blues and greens with a touch of cabernet.  As Laura says, “I will take away your dairy and meat but I won’t touch your dark chocolate and wine.”

New Logo

New Brand Colors