I confess. I am guilty. I have been a lazy blogger. I have been lax. I have highlighted a subject and not given it a deep dive in to meaningful content. I have written for my pleasure, not always for the benefit of my audience. How about you? Have you fallen prey to the lazy writing habits of a busy professional?

Here are 3 ways to rev up your content (and your business) and write like you mean it.

1. Imagine you have one hour to solve your customer’s biggest problem. Create a list of strategies, tasks, must-do’s. What will it take for you to make this problem go away? What do you need to research? What do you need to read? What is the bottom line issue? Now go find the supportive material to solve the problem. Get your Google on.

2. Write like you are in a writing bootcamp. When I watch shows like the Biggest Loser, I am always impressed with the focus and intensity of the participants and trainers. You are not allowed to slack off because there is someone always looking over your shoulder PUSHING you to keep going. To rev up your writing and create more demanding content, set a timer. Give yourself 30 minutes to complete 3 paragraphs of content. You cannot get up. You cannot look out the window. You cannot get a snack, answer a call, check email or lolly gag on Facebook or Twitter. You must write. [As a side note, that’s how I’m writing this post.]

3. Do this EVERYDAY. I just read a very simple, but profound little book by Jeff Olsen titled The Slight Edge. Bottom line, the difference between successful people and those who are not comes down to the fact that successful people do ‘just that much more’ than everyone else and they do it daily. The small, compounded effects of those changes over time lead to life changing breakthroughs. You cannot expect to break the lazy writing habit if you don’t do something different.

We can all rev up our content with a focused concentration on producing valuable, usable, business changing information. Sometimes we just need to hyper focus to break the habit. Sometimes we need to enter a self mandated bootcamp to regain focus. Remember: you only have 1 hour to solve your customer’s biggest problem, so get busy.