Content marketing is simply the creation and distribution of valuable, usable content that helps your audience connect with your business in such a way that it converts them to revenue generating customers.

The most important aspects to content marketing are:

  1. Is the content relevant?  Writing for writing sake is not going to drive eyeballs to your site or get your prospects into your funnel.  Make sure your content is applicable to the audience you are trying to reach. While the practice of keyword stuffing is a major no-no, you can focus on specific, relevant keywords and long tail search terms that fit your product or services, as long as those items fit authentically in your text. This article is about content marketing, so there will be a handful of phrases that specifically relate to this keyword and search, but it is in no way ‘stuffed’ into the article.
  2. Can the reader do anything with the information? Is it actionable? The best content is content that helps the reader do something. You can give away your secrets. For most businesses, what you do, while it could possibly be performed by your customers in some simplistic half-baked way, will still hold value to your audience and drive customers to your business even if you tell them how to do it. If your product or service is too complicated or there is no way an untrained person can perform or use your product or service, spend time telling your audience how your product or service solves a problem, makes their life easier or makes an impact.
  3. Your online marketing strategy depends on content. You can have the most beautiful website in the world, yet if you don’t have valuable content, your prospect isn’t going to connect.  Online marketing, social media marketing, inbound marketing, SEO all depend on content. Lots of content. Fresh, new, changing, relevant content. It seems like content, the highest priority in online marketing, is the bastard child of the business. It is always the item that people will ‘get around to doing’. If you don’t focus on creating a content strategy, then you will not maximize your efforts in the online marketing space. Many of the other tactics you are employing will suffer if you don’t invest in quality content.

So how do you create a content marketing strategy? One simple thing we tell our clients is to start with your Frequently Asked Questions. In any business, there are a series of questions that prospects and customers ask throughout the relationship that signal a need for more information.  Make a list of those FAQ’s and go as deep as you can with each topic.  Make sure the FAQ addresses one issue at a time. You don’t have to solve every problem in one blog post. Give your audience a well written guide focusing on one main issues at a time. Related to each FAQ will be a natural series of words or phrases. These will most likely be your keywords and long tail search terms. You can take those and plug them into Google’s keyword tool and go deeper. This will help you discover other possible phrases and words which will trigger more content ideas.

The other option is to hop on the phone and talk to us. We can help you develop a content strategy and teach your team how to create the content and execute a comprehensive plan. Content is critical if you are employing an online strategy. We can help.

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