Considered one of the most flexible CMS platforms, WordPress allows business owners to have a dynamic website that can easily be updated and expanded as the business changes and grows.

Our designers are all U.S. based WordPress experts.

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While most WordPress sites utilize an existing theme, all websites have some level of customization to accommodate the needs of the business owner. We will work with your team to come up with a website that showcases your business and performs the way you need it to in the competitive market place.  Our process will ensure that you get the site you need with the features necessary to transact business online.  Here’s an overview of a typical client project:

  • Discovery session with stakeholders
  • Needs assessment and evaluation
  • Concept review
  • Content review
  • Design process
  • Customer review
  • Launch

Now comes the question of price…that’s a little like asking ‘how much will it cost to decorate my house’? The answer to that is, well, it depends. How big is your house, how many rooms do you have, how big are those rooms, what will they be used for, what furnishings do you already have, will you need window coverings, do you want your walls painted, will we be building shelves from scratch….etc….

A simple website with some basic functionality will cost between $2500-$5000. Add e-commerce, video content, downloads, membership options etc. and it goes up from there.

We always offer a free consultation to evaluate a client’s need and give an estimate of the project to the best of our abilities. Let our team evaluate your needs and provide a WordPress website design quote. We’d love to help.

Do you have an existing WordPress site?

We can help you update your current site with new blog content, graphics, options, etc.  Our simple hourly rate allows you to get all your updates done efficiently and accurately, saving YOU time and money.